Coherently Charged Brimbo

Zak and Liz talk about the sequel to milk and VASYs.

Recorded on June 20, 2021

After Milk
USPS Truck Shape – Motortrend
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Frindle – Wikipedia
phonology – Wikipedia
Bouba/Kiki effect – Wikipedia
White Knight – Garden of Flavor
Horchata – Wikipedia
White Knighting – urban dictionary
Tik Tok Cult – Distractify
Not Milk – Not Co
Guesseppe – NotCo

They Don’t Represent Us by Lawrence Lessing – Harper Collins
Spin S–200 – Ford
Madison Delivery Robots – UW Madison University Housing
6 Levels of Vehicle Autonomy – ASME
Dell E-Port – YouTube
Pogo Pins – Wikipedia
Recommended Consumer Data Privacy Laws – EFF
Tort – Wikipedia


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