Lgebily Digitized Tiles

Zak and Liz try to figure out how their brains work by reciting the alphabet a few times.

Zak gives a brief history of computer handwriting recognition and tells us his opinions on the ReMarkable Tablet.

Want to meditate but can’t stop thinking about all the stuff you have to do? Zak has just the technique for you.

Zak has a new food goal for this year. The initialism is: ALDAPAIGTBVIAWDIDEAKTOISICHMTT-IGTBALAODBIBIAI year.

Recorded on Jan 2, 2022

Whisper of the Heart – Wikipedia

The Alphabet
Alphabet in alphabetical order – @gray on Twitter
Because Internet – IndieBound
IPA – Wikipedia

Handwriting Recognition
PalmOS Graffiti – Wikipedia
Reading Jumbled Letters – Science Alert
Learning Helm – O’Reilly

Tile Puzzle of the Mind
Train Cab Videos – YouTube


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