Friendly Low-Level Croissantwave

Zak and Liz talk about getting maxinated, the Grocery app, theme periods, perfect home-made croissants, and some aesthetics.

Recorded on May 23, 2021

Grocery App
von Neumann Architecture – Wikipedia
Grocery app
Open Recipe Format
h-recipe –
Paprika Recipe App
Smart Lighting IKEA
LLVM – Wikipedia
Standards – XKCD

The Period of Themes
What is a Yearly Theme? – Theme System
Maybe You Should Talk To Someone – Indiebound
4 Burners Theory – Sloww
Big Friendship – Indiebound

Liz Baked Croissants
The Croissant Recipe Liz Used
Proving Drawer – KitchenAid
Persian Rug/Persian Flaw – Wikipedia
Colectivo Coffee Workers form union – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Great British Baking Show – Netflix

Aesthetics Wiki
spotifyd – GitHub


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