Mechanically KRACKed Phones

Certus and Zak talk about architecture and food trucks, writing with mechanics, the wrist fruit, totally not thinking about new phones, waves of neutron stars, Adobe laughing face, telephone backgrounds, your brain on exploits, faulty potato chips, Zak’s bellybutton project, and a person of high class living in a tree for 6 years and more to come.


Hidden Treasures

Mechanical Pencils

Apple Watch

Phone Choices – Patreon

Gravity Waves

Adobe XD


KRACK WiFi Vulnerability

ROCA – Ars Technica

Baron in the Trees –  our book club book

Digitally Educated Bandits

Certus and Zak talk about being pirates for college, ‘a minute area of illumination on a display screen’ phone, reverse problems, naming things that are without, webcomics leading society, basements to work in, no more modality, looking into the future with todo lists, and a tree with story about a rich person in a tree.



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