Socially Miniaturized Mobility

Zak and Liz talk about Zak setting foot outdoors, microbe ice cream, a developer conference that happened 6 months ago, and Vehicles of Appropriate Size for You.

Recorded on June 13, 2021

Coffee Shop
Coffee – Fair Trade

Ice Cream
Vanilla n Cookies – Brave Robot

Concurrency – Swift
Async/Await – Wikipedia
Jazelle – Wikipedia
Sharing Your Wi-Fi Password – Apple
Galaxy Brain – Know Your Meme
You’re Wrong About

Lime Scooters
EU Speed Limiters – CNN
Unsafe At Any Speed – Wikipedia
Design Speed – Strong Towns
succulentcutti1’s tweet – Twitter
– Thanks, Jared, for the tip!
Asymco – Horace Dediu’s Podcast
2019 Dockless Scooter Pilot Study – City of Milwaukee
Spin Scooters Blog
Drover AI
Generative Adversarial Network – Wikipedia
Mobile Data Specification – Open Mobility Foundation
Rosendale Speeding Tickets – Fox 11


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