Journalistically Hunted Containers

Zak and Liz talk about re-experiencing movie theaters, Zak explains how Docker works which is even nerdier than using Docker, Liz explains why she loves a Minecraft mod-pack which is even nerdier than playing it, and Zak untangles yarn of truth regarding some farmland that is owned by people who wear very expensive suits.

Recorded on January 30, 2022

Marvel Cinematic Universe – Wikipedia

Docker Hub
Docker Desktop
How is a container different than an image? – Atlassian

Vault Hunters
Vault Hunters – Iskall85 on YouTube
Mobs – Minecraft Wiki

Bill Gates Farming
John Deere Right to Repair – Politico
Bill Gates is About to Change the Way America Farms –
The Tweet Zak was Talking About – Twitter
The Bureaucratic Explanation – U.S. Mission Geneva
How Would a Wealth Tax Work? – NPR
Protect Your Assets From President Warren – Forbes
Farm Like A Billionaire – Forbes
How A Carbon Price Could Gut Animal Agriculture Without Taxing Farmers And Ranchers – Forbes


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