Meaninglessly Respectful Elders

Zak and Liz talk about being the adult in the room too young, a diagonally scrolling website, phrases that may have some meaning, vegan cream cheese, and what to do if you’re waiting in line at the Post Office.

Recorded on April 25, 2021

Adult In The Room
Evergiven Blockage – Wikipedia
Credit Scores in the US – Wikipedia
Alienation’s For The Rich – tmbw
Philadelphia MOVE Bombing – Inquirer
The Growth Ponzi Scheme – Strong Towns
Derailed – Wisconsin Public Radio
Fare Capping – Streetsblog

Phrases I Wish Meant Something to Me
Legalize Rowhouses – The Urbanist
The “Bottom Image” We’re Referring To – Wikimedia
Mixed Use Zoning – Wikipedia
Tammy Baldwin

Non-Dairy Reviews
Vegan Cream Cheese – Trader Joe’s


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