Wonderfully Lost Footage

Certus and Zak talk about Apple executives talking, phone protection, storing things on magnetic tapes? weird bird AI’s, failing bubble guns, beautiful soup, and fictional viruses.


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Shockingly Existant Skyscrapers

Certus and Zak talk about little baby AIs, cucumber classes, birds with superpowers, how to fix books, blockchain, drinking more, driving more, exercising their bodies, watching videos on an airplane, ceremonial bubble hats, staying up because we can and sleeping because we should, tiny particles, theme park movies, speedy decomposition, and the first chapter of Neal Stephenson’s Reamde.



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Frighteningly Productive AI

Certus and Zak talk about the finals crunch, closing rituals, computer “uh-oh” protection, small writing sticks, fake party traps, Google maybe ruining the future, better coffee code, AR in drawers, mean (but polite) worms, incredible feats of hurdling, writing stuff down, some details of our todo lists, the goal of productivity, an information-based economy, unfortunately timed purchases, and starting a book club.



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Frantically Memorized Scripts

Certus and Zak talk about memorizing things, drama clubs, new calendars, old calendars, todo systems, earplugs, what brains look like, biographies, motivational posters, exercising without moving, 4N6 publishing, trying to beat composers, and protecting the galaxy again.


Efficiently Crashing Drones

Certus and Zak talk about making ink into electrons, not listening to teachers, kind of listening to music, Certus’ podcast addiction, fights between trees and quadcopters, failing at efficiency, awful ads, less than one day movies, more milk politics, the least good way to find prime numbers, and competitive public speaking.


Imperfectly Produced Vibrations

Certus and Zak talk about phoney gnomes, the French and German War of 2017, bikes and screws, buying history, illegal robots, The Flash’s hand, doing things later, rap battles, calendars, old dudes robbing banks, soylent food trucks, thinking, sneaker/neck accessories, and trying not to be sick.



Carefully Crafted Buttons

Steven and Zak talk about scary mushrooms, languages, chinese computer snakes, toothbrushes, random numbers, teleporting cats, big red buttons, acronyms, internet of things coffee makers, playing music, high schoolers making decisions about international issues, Conway’s game of life all the way down, and followed up on habit trackers.



Systematically Uncovered Stories

Steven and Zak talk about havoc causing standardized tests, poems, Apple’s Pro line, the lack of products for Surfaces, looking for aliens, million dollar app ideas, the March on Milwaukee, the Dairy Pride act (again), being hungry, what Zak does for fun, Steven’s tempest projects, public speaking, test taking, calendar systems, habit RPG’s, and email.



Unnecessarily Abundant Drives

Certus and Zak talk about the UWM Drag Show, parabolic microphones, annotated bibliography services, paper, robots that are plummers, 20 million 4-door filing cabinets, prime number finding, doing what Facebook does to you to yourself, SHA-1 collisions, the blood of dragons, Isaac Newton, having fun with mushrooms, sleep, task managers, and animated vigilantes.



Foolishly Bumpy Guidance

Find Zak    @thepunsguy