Unspeakably Financed Economics

Zak and ░▛▞▓▘▀▒ talk about the prefered super-power of the people, changing ░▛▞▓▘▀▒’s name, how we are trying not to use our phones, is Tim Evens in the pocket of big dairy? Find out after the break, bicycles on the ceiling, Helen Keller’s bus service, and the gradual fall of society.


Hastur the Unspeakable – Wikipedia

Snapchat Thief (The podcast that solidified this in ░▛▞▓▘’s mind) – Reply All

Trust Fall – Wikipedia

Sizzler Magnets – Amazon

Apple T2 Security Disconnect – ZDnet

Thinking About Attention – CGP Grey via YouTube

Tony Ever’s Campaign Finance


ZipCar – Car Sharing


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