Agreeably Leaning Pickles

Zak and Liz talk about the latest Dairy Free Milk Alternative, Zak tried the Tofutti imitation cream cheese that Liz really liked, and Liz just got back from a road trip and there was a lot to think about, okay?

Recorded on January 21, 2022

(Not) Milk
Nextmilk – Silk

(Not) Dairy
Kite Hill Cream Cheese
How is Cheese Made? – US Dairy
Zak’s Pickle Kit
Vom Fass
Brain Gut Connection – Johns Hopkins
Mind the Gut exhibit in Copenhagen’s Medical Museion –

This would not happen if the crab were on the torus. – Wikipedia

Liz’s Trip
The Murderbot Diaries Series
These Violent Delights – IndieBound
Hey Riddle Riddle


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