Speedily Lucky Pillows

Zak and Liz talk about why pillows are the key to American exceptionalism, Minecraft speedrunning, and how to generate the perfect shallot.

Recorded on January 16, 2021.

The Book With The Main Character – Indiebound

American Pillow Talk
Biden’s January 6th Speech – C-Span
Evil Pillow Man Met With Trump About Martial Law – Vox
David Hogg’s Anti-MyPillow – NBC News
John Green, War, and Nouns – Charlie Westerman on Medium
Polyphasic Sleep – Wikipedia

Minecraft Speedrun Drama
Speedrunning – Wikipedia
Speedrunning Is Awesome, And Here’s Why – hbomberguy on YouTube
Super Monkey Ball by Helix – GDQ on YouTube
Super Mario Odyssey Speedruns – speedrun.com
Minecraft Speedruns – speedrun.com
TASBot – Wikipedia
Piglin – Minecraft Wiki
Dream – YouTube
How Lucky is Too Lucky? – Stand-up Maths on YouTube
Choco Mountain (3/3 weathertenko) – Summoning Salt on YouTube
Developers React to Speedruns Playlist – IGN on YouTube

Shallot Storage
Shallot – Google Images
Generative Adversarial Network – Wikipedia
Spore Spine Editor – Salooverall on YouTube


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