Frigidly Non-Orientable Desserts

Zak and Liz talk about non-dairy Klein bottles and more Subway standards of identity.

Recorded on January 30, 2021.

Alternative Frozen Desserts
Flavors – Cado Ice Cream
Ice Cream Chemistry – American Chemical Society
Ben and Jerry’s for Dogs
Non-Dairy Flavors – Ben and Jerry’s
Why the Chunks? – Ben and Jerry’s
Oat Frozen Dessert – Oatly
Atom Extensions
Oatly Carton
Uline Homophobic – Politico
Talenti Gelato
Upside Down Ice Cream
The Shape of a Product Can Serve as a Trademark
Klein Bottle – Wikipedia
Handmade Klein Bottle – Amazon
Measured Liquid Pourers –
Acme Corporation – Wikipedia
A responsible adult says no to non-orientable shapes –

Subway Tuna
You’re Wrong About
Subway’s Tuna is (allegedly) Not Tuna – NBC News
Ichthus – Wikipedia


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