Limitedly Almond Feeds

Zak and Liz try some passible dairy-free alternatives to yogurt and cream cheese. Mouth noises are included.

Liz need to scroll something… anything… so Zak tells us what RSS feed he’s subscribed to.

Liz’s computer ran out of disk space, so she and Zak explore their strategies for managing large files.

Recorded on November 10, 2021

As You Know, Bob – TV Tropes
9/11 caused 50 Shades of Grey – AV Club
Language Regulators – Wikipedia
Culina Yogurt
Turtles All The Way Down – Indiebound
Kite Hill Cream Cheese

RSS Feeds
Dan Luu
Daring Fireball
Faster Than Lime
Furbo by Craig Hockenberry
The Pudding
Certus Stone
Pluralistic – Cory Doctorow’s blog
Cool Tools
FreshRSS (self-hosted feed aggregator)

State of the Storage
Transport Fever 2
SATA vs PCIe M.2 – Crucial

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