Therapeutically Commonplace Desk

Zak and Liz start this episode by talking about the personality disorder of a fictional character. There was probably some context, but it has been lost to time.

Liz has some serious FOMO for Obsidian. If only she had something to write about.

Liz decided that years of research that all says “don’t work where you sleep” couldn’t be talking about her. She tells us why she put her desk in her living room when she has a perfectly good office room.

Recorded on November 21, 2021

Count Olaf’s Antisocial Personality Disorder – Journal of English Language and Literature

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Commonplace Book – Wikipedia
The Memex Method – Cory Doctorow
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New Desk Setup
Shearing – Wikipedia
They Don’t Know I Know This Hack – In The Know
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – APA
Apple Watch Mac Unlock – Apple
Flip Clock Screensaver

Ace of Spades – IndieBound
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Streamlabs OBS Debacle – The Verge

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