Fishily Ratcheting Allegations

Zak and Liz talk about the best chocolate chip cookie in Milwaukee. You can only get them during certain times of year, so make sure to get them while they’re hot.

Zak explains the ‘soup’ model for the genetic testing of Subway™ Tuna™.

Liz rambles about how the Matrix Conversation Standard works. The servers get ratcheted twice, I think.

Recorded on December 5, 2021

Subway Tuna
Episode about Subway Bread – Worrying Bugs
Episode about Subway Tuna – Worrying Bugs
The Big Tuna Sandwich Mystery – The New York Times
Millennials Are Killing Tuna – Wall Street Journal
PCR – Wikipedia
The Seafood List –
Inside Edition investigation on Subway tuna
Subway Tuna Facts – Wayback Machine
Joseph McCarthy – Wikipedia
You’re Wrong About the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case –
Numpty – Wikitionary

Matrix Conversation Standard
Signal Messenger
Double Ratchet Algorithm – Open Whisper Systems
Secure Key Exchange – Computerphile on YouTube
Snow Crash – IndieBound
Matrix Signal Bridge



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